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As well as serving our clients, Bruizer also find time to pursue our own passion projects. The ideas for which have been lovingly born, artfully crafted and carefully executed by our super talented internal camera team and post-production department.

How we achieved it

Directed and shot by Bruizer’s James Plested, the set was build in entirety in the Bruizer studio. The film acts as a stark reminder that mental health can affect us all and by checking in, you might just save a life.


Passiv Heat Pump Promo

Passiv Heat Pump Promo BUUK

Ultimate Performance

Ultimate Performance TK

Spray Adjuvants

Spray Adjuvants De Sangosse

Harwich Apprentices

Harwich Apprentices Harwich Haven Authority

Young Hero – Quickfire

Young Hero – Quickfire The National Lottery

Lived Experiences – Living with Pride – Social

Lived Experiences – Living with Pride – Social NHS

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