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Produce some action-packed, hands-on social content to promote apprenticeship programmes with Harwich Haven Authority.

How we achieved it

We filmed over two days, with a variety of HHA apprentices past and present. Taking inspiration from Guy Ritchie’s Snatch, we established a freezeframe style to introduce our cast and carried through with a gritty, close-up approach to take viewers behind the scenes of the apprenticeship programme.

Among the final deliverables, we created combined and individual video edits, and accompanying stills to post on social media in the lead up to National Apprenticeship Week.


Passiv Heat Pump Promo

Passiv Heat Pump Promo BUUK

Ultimate Performance

Ultimate Performance TK

Spray Adjuvants

Spray Adjuvants De Sangosse

Young Hero – Quickfire

Young Hero – Quickfire The National Lottery

Lived Experiences – Living with Pride – Social

Lived Experiences – Living with Pride – Social NHS

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