Documentary Film for Nvidia - The Deadmau5 Project | Bruizer
deadmau5, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for Nvidia




The Deadmau5 Project saw Nvidia design and build five custom PCs in collaboration with electronic musician and gaming enthusiast, deadmau5, for a gaming livestreaming studio. Along the way, they shot a mini documentary series about the project, and enlisted Bruizer to film some of the PC build which took place in the UK.


Not That Guy

Not That Guy Macky Gee Ft Tempa T

Drown out the Light

Drown out the Light Angelika Dusk

The Dubbing Artist

The Dubbing Artist Tom Hickox

CRASH Trailer

CRASH Trailer Shaun Forsdyke


1914 The Jar Family


Amstardam Propeller artists production

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