Our short term timelapse can capture activity over hours or days. Our high quality stills cameras are used to capture the images and our editors stitch each image together to create a film.


Short term timelapse can mean capturing a project such as the installation of temporary structures which may take a few days or weeks, where we can set up and leave the camera for the duration of the project whilst it clicks away with no need to be monitored. Alternatively, this technique can also be used to record the flow of movement taking place over a number of hours.


On these shorter term timelapse shoots, our cameramen stay with and monitor the camera systems as they are recording, meaning they can move them regularly to capture a range of perspectives and shots, as well as altering the intervals between pictures to produce different effects. This results in much greater diversity and flexibility when it comes to editing your film.


The technique is typically effective at capturing natural scenes, or cloudy or night skies, or in towns and cities the movement of crowds of people around a location – but really it can be used to capture anything that undergoes a visual change relatively quickly, resulting in some unusual and beautiful effects, and adding incredibly dynamic and high impact shots or cutaways to your film.

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