Long term timelapse are projects that are over three months. Some of our ongoing longterm timelapse projects are now in their fourth year, with clients using footage to make continuing improvements to their time management and production techniques.


Long term timelapse can mean a timelapse project lasting anything from 10 days right up to two years or more – although Bruizer’s current record lies at fifteen months, there really is no time limit to how long the progress or change you’re looking to capture takes. A favourite with developers and construction firms to record fit outs or structures going up, continuous timelapse can also be extremely effective in documentary films and nature filming.


As timelapse specialists, we nearly always have at least one timelapse camera clicking away somewhere in the world, and with solar panels and long lasting batteries, our bespoke systems are completely self-sustaining so really can be rigged anywhere. Once our expert timelapse crews have positioned the cameras at the best angles to capture the action, there is very little maintenance required, as we can monitor the system remotely, and even provide a monitoring system for you to view the progress of your project.


Our post-production team are highly skilled at processing, editing and grading the high quality stills produced by our cameras, and the finished product will always be of the highest quality, from HD right up to 8K according to your requirements. The edits they produce emphasis the most interesting moments, without breaking the continuity, with dramatic and stunning results.

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