Hyperlapse is an incredible technique that takes you on a long distance journey in mere seconds. Often used as a style technique within a larger project, hyperlapse can create amazing shots of a journey through landscapes or cityscapes.


Rather than a simple moving timelapse shot powered by a motorised slider, the hyperlapse technique produces tracking timelapse shots that move through long distances, giving the effect of an accelerated view of real time. It is especially effective as a way to give the illusion of a first person experience through timelapse. At Bruizer we have all the necessary kit, camera skills and production teams behind it to produce the visual goods with these techniques and create a stunning hyperlapse film.


Hyperlapse is a great technique for fast paced tourism films, or video productions whose aim is to showcase particular locations. Through a combination of careful storyboarding and top grip equipment – sliders, motorised rigs, tripods and even drones and vehicle mounted rigs – incredible ‘flow motion’ effects can be achieved, merging a series of hyperlapse shots to produce a high speed journey around a city or location.

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