Timelapse is the ideal technique for creating stunning footage of slow-moving action sequences. For longer term projects this can be edited to create an entire film, whereas our short term timelapse can be used to enhance a film by adding pace, or a beautifully dramatic new perspective.


Over the years we have developed our own unique and effective systems for recording timelapse. We have developed our timelapse techniques to produce even more dynamic hyperlapse shots, and both have proved to be incredibly popular online.


All our timelapse projects have the ability for you to view live images from anywhere in the world 24/7. With live monitoring you can keep track of your project and see the progress that is being made.


Our long term timelapse kits don’t require a power connection and are completely self sustaining, meaning we can easily capture lengthy projects. With the ability to rig them almost anywhere there are no limits when it comes to time period or location.

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