Internal communications doesn’t have to be boring. Whatever it is you want to say, Bruizer will produce a corporate video that engages with your workforce and communicates your message clearly.


Bruizer puts just as much time into coming up with clever concepts, snappy scripts and stylish graphics for our internal communication video production as we do for one of our marketing campaigns. Our commitment to high quality production will not only help you create engaging films for your workforce, but also build a company-wide video brand for your organisation.


Whether what you need to express to your employees or shareholders is an informative message, or complicated statistics and industry specific facts, we’ll help you find an interesting way to tell it. With experience understanding the challenges all kinds of industries face, we’re experts at working out the right tone and messaging for your film. Our experience and approach to film and animation will ensure your message is clear, memorable and heard.


The beauty of internal communication films is that they can get across key information to your team, no matter where in the world they are based. If you have a company wide update, film can communicate your message in an engaging way that speaks directly to your workforce. Need your message translated into different languages? No problem!

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