If your business has already built a big online audience, then when you publish a new video it’s likely that it will be immediately seen by lots of people. However, if you’re just embarking on producing online videos in order to help make your organisation more visible online, then there are a lot of voices out there, and you may want to kickstart the process of getting yours heard!


Bruizer’s video seeding services comprise of a range of techniques for distributing and promoting your video content online. We’ll start off with on-page optimisation, to make sure your video can be organically found as easily as possible, then build a unique strategy around your campaign to make your video more visible depending on what your end goals are (it doesn’t always have to be maximum number of views!). This usually includes pay-per-click ads and pre-roll placement, as well as getting your film embedded and talked about on influential and targeted blogs and news sites, through PR or paid placement to boost exposure. This can mean video seeding is often an ongoing service, where we continue to build up relationships with the people who have an influence in your industry.


This ensures you reach audiences who you know will be interested in your video and improve your conversion rates. But it doesn’t have to be limited to appealing to bloggers with a similar target market to you business either – we come up with creative solutions for how to get influential online channels interested in your product or service. We can also offer full tracking and reporting on our video seeding service, measuring levels of engagement and looking deeper in to the stats behind those retweets, views and likes.

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