Technical animations can help customers understand exactly how to use or install your product. We can replicate an exact 3D model using CAD data or references, allowing us to take your product apart through animation and show your audience every detail.


If it’s technical precision your looking for in your film, we can create beautifully accurate 3D models, true to life down to the last pixel. Our world class technical animation can be a sleek and professional way to present your products to existing and potential customers, whether you’re looking to create a video instruction manual, or simply to showcase a product and its features.


3D animation allows you to visually manipulate your product in a way that is going to make instructions or messages clear and obvious to your audience. It also permits complete control of the ‘lens’, or viewpoint, so you can easily highlight and zoom in on key aspects or features of the product without the limitations or what a camera would be able to show.


We can work simultaneously with your marketing team and your technical departments to make sure the visuals are on brand, whilst ensuring absolute accuracy throughout. Starting off with scripting and storyboarding, the film will then go through the various stages of modelling, texturing and compositing with our expert animation team.

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