Let’s delve together into the murky, beautiful world of 3D animation. None of us know how our animators do it, and they won’t tell us. But whatever they do, it’s working because the results speak for themselves.


At Bruizer we have a wealth of experience when it comes to producing 3D animation and visual effects for TV commercials, computer games, video installations and product films to name just a few! Our designers will develop a look that suits you, from the cute and quirky, to the sleek and professional. We also provide motion capture services and our animators are highly experienced at working with mocap footage.


3D animation can be incredibly useful combined with real life filming; perhaps you want to include a scene in your film that can’t be captured on camera and you want it to fit in with the rest of your video by making it as realistic as possible. An incredible level of realism can now be achieved with our high end 3D animation, although it doesn’t have to look realistic, and can use just as many different styles as with 2D animation, which is where are creative team come in!


As with a 2D animation, we script and storyboard the whole film for you before embarking on the animation stage. Once you’re happy with them, it’s over to our talented animation team and their cutting edge technology to generate characters, model, texture, render, composite and generally work their magic on your film! We’ve developed a highly efficient, streamlined pipeline to ensure that your animation is produced as quickly and accurately as possible.

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