2D or not 2D? That is the question! Our animation production team have created everything motion graphics related, from programme titles for broadcast television, to full length animated cinema commercials and everything in between.


Our in-house graphic designers work with our animators and directors, combining great design and art direction with highly skilled technical production to create a style that is both unique to your project and true to your brand. Once we’ve decided on a style, every animation is storyboarded out to perfect the visual narrative, before our animators breathe life into it through CGI.


Our animation team have a wealth of expertise in 2D and 3D animation as well as visual effects; we’ve animated in every style imaginable, and have even created unique looks by combining character animation or kinetic typography with live action filming. So whether you’re looking to create an entire photo-realistic 3D world, or add an animated ident to your video production, we’ve got it covered.


If you have a complex topic you need to communicate, an animation can cut through the jargon and explain the subject to your audience, in a visual and simple way. At Bruizer, our scriptwriters are experts at condensing information, so that your film delivers the information that matters in a short and sweet two minutes or less. Every explainer animation is carefully crafted to pack a punch, combining technical marketing know how and creativity to explain your product in a unique way.

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