360° TOURS

The possibilities of a 360° tour really are endless. Immerse your audience in a tour of your office, a new construction, tourism location or even create a wildlife experience!


360° virtual reality tours have a wide range of uses, particularly for the tourism industries, universities, museums and galleries, and there are also several different techniques that can be used to create them depending on the purpose. Our talented animation team can create 3D animated and technically accurate walk throughs from architectural plans for example, or tours can also be created using either real life filming with one of our 360° video rigs, or 360 photography.


360° video can actually be surprisingly quick and straightforward to film, so we can capture a range of shots and locations within a single day’s shoot. Along with our fixed rig, we have a range of moving rigs to create the movement of a tour, including vehicle rigs, a roving remote controlled rig and a backpack mount, and we can also capture aerial 360° from our UAV. Once the footage has been stitched in our state of the art software, shots of multiple locations are then edited together into a single video to create a ‘tour’, which can then be easily hosted on YouTube or Facebook and embedded on your site.


If you opt for 360° stills, then we produce interactive, custom design interfaces to host your tour, with different navigational options. This means introducing click through hotspots, so each interactive panorama leads you to the next, and we can also add in text over the imagery where required. We always ensure your tour is compatible for multi format support, including mobile operating systems, which also means they can be viewed using VR headsets such as the Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard or the Oculus Rift.

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