360° photography is an interactive way to display a space, location, event or activity. Our 360° photography is extremely high quality, allowing the end user to experience every detail of the environment around them.


360° video is all the rage at the moment, but in many situations 360° photography is an equally effective option to consider. As with 360° video, a 360° photograph, or 360° panorama as they are also known, allows you to change your viewpoint of the full 360° x 180° sphere. Similarly, it can be viewed through various media, including web browser, an app, a head mount display such as Google Cardboard, or projected in a dome.


We have a specialist 360° photography rig and tripod mount, and it has an advantage over a lot of 360° video in that the rig makes use of higher quality cameras, and therefore the images produced have both greater colour depth and much higher resolution. 360° photos work better for a scene where there is very little action or not much change over time: if you are want to showcase a particular location without people moving around it for example.

360° TOURS

Through interactive web pages, you can create the effect of a 360° virtual tour where your audience is invited to move between the 360° images by clicking on ‘hotspots’. These are easily supported across multi delivery platforms in order to create immersive, interactive experiences which are not subject to some of the limitations of 360° video.

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