Why have a Brand Film?

Why have a Brand Film?

Does your business need a brand film? The simple answer is, yes! But, don’t just take our word for it, let’s dig a little deeper and take a look at why you need that brand film…


Build Trust

Fundamentally, people do business with people they trust. Think about it. Have you ever walked away from a purchase or chosen another company because something didn’t feel right? The trust wasn’t there. This is when film can make a real difference. You can not only speak directly to your audience, but, here’s the important bit, you can show them the company you. Whether you are a quirky start-up or an established business, a film can tell your story in a way that words cannot do justice. Showing your excitement about your brand, your expertise, your culture and even a behind-the-scenes look at what you do, builds a relationship and a connection between you and your target audience, and that is invaluable.


Sell your brand

A brand film needs to sell exactly that. Your brand. It’s not about a particular product, service or promotional offer, it’s all about the brand. It’s about your company’s ethos, your beliefs and why you do what you do. A prime example of this is the John Lewis Christmas ad that is highly anticipated every year. They are not selling a specific product or service, but John Lewis as a brand. Tapping into people’s emotions, whether it be to make you laugh or cry, you can’t deny they are memorable, and therefore the brand is remembered. And it’s that lasting impression that a brand film needs to achieve.


Video is King

It’s safe to say video is not going anywhere any time soon. Mobile video usage has increased by nearly 10 million daily viewing minutes in the last two years and in a recent report, Cisco predicts that global internet traffic from videos will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021. If created correctly, video content is more memorable, quicker to digest and can create a lasting emotional connection with your target audience. In today’s digital age, people won’t hunt for information for long, so making that knowledge easily accessible is essential. And what’s easier than watching a beautiful film?!


Video is quickly becoming the most efficient way to reach your target audience. A brand film will utilise the power of video and communicate with your existing and potential customers in a way that text and photos cannot. Take a look at just a few of the brand films we have created for some inspiration for your film…


Maldon Salt – Master Salt Makers


Omega Ingredients – Endless Possibilities


The Angel Hotel – Be Curious

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