What an Internal Team Means for our Clients

What an Internal Team Means for our Clients

We stand by the fact that teamwork makes the dreamwork; that’s why our wonderful internal team means so much to us, and to our clients.

We’re not like other production companies. No, seriously. We’ve spent our 20+ years in the business investing in our kit and full-time staff, and as a result Bruizer can boast that rarest commodity: a completely in-house team.

Other companies might operate as ‘shell agencies’, meaning they keep a core of creatives (such as producers or marketing advisors), but the overall production process will be made up of many disparate elements. Reliant on external hire, they might have to man a shoot with freelance crew and rented kit, lease independent directors, engage an external editor, or all the above, to plug the gaps in a project.

What makes Bruizer different is that we can host fully self-sufficient shoots without outsourcing. We keep an internal team of producers, crew and editors to cover all aspects of a project from creative to completion, meaning we can offer our clients a smooth and enjoyable experience.

How so? Well, first off, it’s about…


Because we have a committed internal team, we’re not dictated by the need to balance multiple freelancer diaries. We only need to work around the clients’ availability, giving us maximum flexibility for filming schedules and meeting deadlines in post. We can turn your edit around sharply, applying feedback to get the next version back to you within hours. If needed, we can even send a crew out to you same day. We relish last-minute requests because we know we can support a quick turnaround and accommodate any curveball.

Beyond the schedule, it’s also about reactivity in the moment. When things don’t run smoothly, sometimes it’s down to pure ingenuity. Because we keep all our own kit, we know it inside out and can engineer solutions for any issues thrown up in production or even on the day. Whether it’s mounting the camera to a garden tool for an ad hoc ‘POV’ shot or packing a live broadcast set into eight suitcases, our consummate kit know-how can take us anywhere.



Time is money, and we don’t just offer our clients best value in terms of time-efficient turnaround. Owning all our kit – and so bypassing rental charges – means we can be cost-efficient too. Cameras, lighting, sound and grip: we’ve got everything needed to support a one-man ‘run-and-gun’ right up to sprawling location sets or global live broadcasts.

That’s a lot of baggage but easy to manage when you know how. And our kit has travelled as far as our expert crew, meaning we can maintain our cost-efficiency on kit anywhere in the country. Even the world. We’ve got ample experience transporting across borders, and can pack smart to work around luggage limitations, guaranteeing quality video production wherever you need us.

That’s a lot of baggage but easy to manage when you know how. And our kit has travelled as far as our expert crew, meaning we can maintain our cost-efficiency on kit anywhere in the country. Even the world. We’ve got ample experience transporting across borders, and can pack smart to work around luggage limitations so to guarantee quality video production wherever you need us.


Bruizer is an expanding team, but we’re small enough that you’ll always be greeted by friendly faces. Our united approach sees a project channelled through our production department, who assign a dedicated editor and select the crew best-suited for the brief. Throughout a project you’ll keep the same points of contact, so you’ll always be working with people you know and who know your project.

That’s because we believe there’s quality in continuity. Our creativity comes from a cohesive team working towards one goal. Many talented minds have the opportunity to touch on your project, and bring a point of view that can set it on a new and awesome trajectory at the creative stage.

We then consolidate with designated core contacts – producer, editor or director – to ensure that creative is distilled into quality deliverables. Maintaining these points of contact throughout, you’ll reap the benefits of our creative continuity, ensuring a final outcome that’s authentic to you and has longevity alongside your brand.

Whether it’s the intuition of a cam op, capturing a company’s ethos through the look on a lens or camera move, or the style of an editor, helping establish a brand identity and continuing it over a year-long campaign, as long as you’re with Bruizer, you’ll be working with professionals who’ve seen your project grow from the ground up and know it just as well as you.


When it comes to crew, we aim to keep the same names across multiple filming days, so you can enjoy a comfortable shoot with people you know.

We know the energy of those behind the camera brings the best out of people in front of it and goes a long way towards capturing the real moments, whether it’s the emotion behind a charity case study or the enthusiasm of an apprenticeship programme. Not to mention a bit of banter to power through those longer filming days.

We like to think our relationships with clients endure because they’re based on more than just great service. We view clients as an extension of the team and take the time to really get to know them as individuals. It’s an atmosphere of infectious team-spirit, fostered in-house, that sets the tone for our approach.


Although we take our work seriously, we don’t take ourselves seriously and ensure regular intervals of silliness. We appreciate commitment to a practical joke, even down to a well-placed bumper sticker. So far at socials, we’ve uncovered the secret sushi-haters and expert axe-throwers in our midst, and we look forward to bowling each other over while football zorbing this summer!


But most important – we think – is that every individual who makes up our in-house team is a passionate expert in their field. Working with us, our clients don’t just get any old team plucked at random, but those that live and breathe film and animation.

We care about the work we put out into the world, and care about our clients getting the best from that content. Getting to know our clients means we also get to know their brands – their guidelines, company ethos, likes and dislikes – inside out. And over repeat projects with our clients, we’ve crafted consistently poignant and characterful content that has helped shape their brand identities. We’re with you on that journey, start to finish and we genuinely care about the end result.

You should always be represented by our best work and to ensure that happens, we undertake regular training, relevant to each person’s field, to stay top of our game. Progressing our technical skillsets, but also for general proficiency, such as Health & Safety, First Aid, and drone flying.

As a company, we want to know that our internal team is best-equipped to provide top-notch service, while also facilitating our individual drive to create stellar content and have the best fun doing it.

As creatives (and comedians!), we’ve got such a great working atmosphere that – like our clients – people just don’t want to leave. 25% of Bruizerites have been with the business for 20+ years, 50% have been with the business over ten years and 70% for more than 5 years. That’s a lot of years under our belt!

At Bruizer, our ‘in-house’ is a powerhouse. At the heart of who we are and how we work, the experience for our clients is unique because of it. We collectively follow a project, meaning we’re invested at every stage for the best-possible final result. Check out ‘work’ our website and see for yourself.   

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