How can Film & Animation work for you?

How can Film & Animation work for you?

Video is quickly becoming the go-to way to communicate. Whether it be to engage with your workforce around the world or its ever-growing popularity on social media for both users and the algorithm, how can you make film, or animation, work for you?


Engage with your team

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, internal communications doesn’t have to be boring! If you have employees based worldwide, and visiting each office is just not feasible, a film can communicate your message when you can’t. Whether it be a talking head or an animation, we’re experts in finding the most creative and engaging way for you to keep in touch with your team. Creating one film for a worldwide audience can be challenging. We can easily create and translate subtitles, as well as on screen text, to as many languages as you need – hurrah!


Short and sweet

It’s not breaking news that social media posts that contain video reach further than just text and photos. Creating video content for social has never been more important for today’s users who have quickly become accustomed to easy to watch, bite-size content. So, how could you use video to reach your audience on social media? If you’re selling a product, how about short and sweet product films that show the product off or how it is used. Got a special promotion you want to shout from the rooftops but have limited time to create a live action film? An animation could be just what you need! Often, the simplest shot can be just what is required to reach your audience. For example, a continuous 10 second shot of crashing waves to sell your beachside hotel is perfect to grab the attention of people looking for a weekend getaway by the sea.

Our crew were feeling the love when creating this product film for Kaspa’s:


Animation or live action?

For whatever reason you may need video content; internal comms, social media or product promos, don’t forget animation could be just what you need. If you don’t have the time to be interviewed, or the budget for models and a location, a minimal yet informative animation could be the perfect medium to communicate your message. With over 15 years’ experience in animation, Bruizer can look after your project from initial storyboard stage to providing you with the final edits.

Check out our showreel for inspiration on how you could use animation:



One of the many benefits of video is how versatile it can be. You may use video to communicate what it is about your brand that makes it so special. But that brand film can be utilised is many ways; website, trade shows, social media, online advertising, customer presentations and shown on screens in your office. Our in-house editors can create different edits to the requirements you need allowing you to use the video content in as many formats as you need.


Do you use video in your marketing strategy or internal comms? Are there instances where you could have? No matter the reason, video is fast becoming the way to reach today’s audience. How could you make film or animation work for you?