Bruizer by Numbers

Bruizer by Numbers

We’ll tell you that Bruizer always goes the extra mile and that’s the truth. Now we can quantify it…

We’ve just celebrated a milestone birthday (whoop whoop!), surpassing two decades in the industry. So, in honour of hitting the big two-zero, we thought we’d have a look at some of the other numbers Bruizer has smashed over the years…

Still one of our most watched videos, we worked with EMC to engineer and film a Guinness World Record attempt for a lorry jumping an F1 car. The nail-biting edit has had over 12 million views on YouTube and smashed numbers of its own, with the truck leaping 83 feet and 7 inches.

Our most recent live show was broadcast from Tokyo to an audience of 7162 AVEVA employees around the world. The culmination of over 320 production hours, including rig days, rehearsals and extensive pre-production planning, the show featured a studio audience and collated a separate live feed from the US, bringing the company together across 17 time zones.

As the crow flies, the furthest we’ve ventured from Bruizer HQ stands at 6765 miles, landing in Singapore to film a commercial for Panadol in 2018. Tokyo comes in second, at 5871 miles, and San Francisco close behind at 5366 miles, crossing 3 continents to be there for our clients wherever they need us.

Working with LOCOG, we filmed across a period of 2190 days from 2007-2013 for the landmark 2012 London Olympic Games. Surprising communities with visits from sporting stars and inspiring young people across the world, we worked to capture the initiatives that shaped our nation’s Olympic experience.

When our unsuspecting head of post-production took a day off, it’s safe to say he never thought his office would undergo a full renovation in 24 hours. We estimate it took about 2080 post-it notes to lovingly decorate his office from top to bottom. It’s taken far more than 24 hours to reuse and recycle them, but at least we always know where to go if we need to note something down!

Filming for Q Mobile in 2016, we needed a location as glamorous as the commercial’s Pakistani star, Maya Ali. We had exclusive access to Blenheim Palace for 630 minutes to film everything we needed, both inside and out. The commercial was screened on TV just one week later.

By plane, ferry and trusty Bruizer van, we traversed the length and breadth of the UK (literally) to capture the stories of The National Lottery 2023 award winners, racking up 87 travel hours. That year, the furthest poles were 565 miles apart, from the Sport Award in Brighton to the Environment Award in Argyll and Bute, Scotland.

Food is never far from our thoughts, so this project was its own reward. 57 mouth-watering desserts were featured in our 2018 franchise film for Kaspa’s Desserts. They survived long-enough for filming but were immediately eaten afterwards!

Our largest corporate shoot in 2019 totalled a 35-strong crew. Based on-location in London, we broadcast ‘Cannon Street Live’ and welcomed AVEVA employees from around the world to the flagship office. The team behind-the-scenes included ten in-house crew and 25 external crew, not to mention the additional make-up artist, client VIPs and presenters on set. That’s a lot of faces to feed, and speaking of food…

As part of the big BUUK rebrand in 2023, we embarked on a campaign of epic proportions and created 30 films under one project umbrella, all in less than a year. In conjunction with their new website build, the collection of films encompassed the company ethos from every angle, including culture, brand and ‘day in the life’ films.

Shooting a brand film for The Angel Hotel in 2017, we filmed 15 backflips with our acrobatic maid before we captured the perfect shot for the final edit. ‘Be Curious’ was the tagline and, in-keeping with the venue’s kookie energy, we sourced 6 circus performers, including a fire-breather, contortionist and knife-juggler to step into the roles of hoteliers.

Across all corners of the county, we filmed at 14 outstandingly beautiful locations to spotlight Suffolk footpaths. Working with the County Council on their Discovering Suffolk campaign, our crew visited coast, town and woodland to capture the stunning diversity of local landscape. The five days of filming informed three main narrative edits, and a selection of social cut downs to focus on the varying areas and terrains.

When out and about, we like to eat local. And while shooting a garden product film on location in Walthamstow, we discovered a truly legendary lunch. 12 gyros, crinkle cut chips, pitta breads and plenty of taramasalata satisfied a very hungry crew!

During our Team GB fever, we also worked with Aviva to promote their sponsorship of UK athletics. We filmed 10 Olympic and Paralympic athletes for the inspirational ‘Paving the Way’ film.

Filming with the BBC, we met 7 Gladiators to reward the super fundraising efforts of a local primary school. Surprising 229 school children, we captured the moment their average day turned upside-down as they took on the gameshow’s famous faces in 6 exciting challenges, including tug o’ war, hurdles and the final eliminator. The film was broadcast on BBC 1 as part of the 2023 Comic Relief live show to an average 3.6 million viewers.

In 2016, we were commissioned by Maldon Salt to create a heritage-rich brand film. It took us one day to capture the moody, cinematic content needed, and while we were doing that, Maldon were creating 1.9 tons of their annual salt production.

Perhaps not a big number on its own, but over the years the Bruizer archive has backed-up a grand total 1 petabyte of footage, which is equal to over 1024 terabytes. Or, in layman’s terms, about 204,800 hours of documentary, commercial, short film, how-to, animation, music video…

Here’s to the next 20 years with even more to shout about. We’re always looking for the next bigger, better project – think yours could beat the above?