5 Ways to Use Video in your Marketing Strategy

5 Ways to Use Video in your Marketing Strategy

So you know you want, and need, to use video in your marketing strategy, but where do you begin? Let’s get you started with 5 ways to use video…

  1. Social media content There are multiple ways to use video on your social media channels. From creating a ‘day in the life’ time-lapse of your office to a teaser showing off a new product, the awesome thing about creating video for social media is you can be as creative as you like! As well as capturing and sharing spontaneous moments with your audience, which is a great way to give a behind the scenes look at your business, you can also share videos that are structured and have more intent behind them. Got a range of new products? Create a series of engaging short edits that give an overview of the product and leave viewers wanting more. Social content can also be created from your existing videos. If you have a brand film, why not repurpose the content and create 10-second clips to share with your social audience? This can be a quick win to get you started with social media video!

2. Brand film A brand film is a key component of any marketing campaign. It can not just tell the viewer about a business, but show them the type of company you are. A well executed brand film will give the viewer an instant impression of a company and it begins to build trust with the viewer. The focus is not on a product or service, but the company’s ethos and why they do what they do. A brand film needs to sell exactly that, the brand.

3. New product launch If you have a new product to release, video is a great way to launch it into the world. Rather than just one video, why not create short teasers in the weeks leading up to the official launch? This not only creates more content for you to share but starts to build excitement around your product. The main product launch film gives the opportunity to show off the product, let people know how it can be beneficial to them and kick starts a marketing campaign to launch the product.

4. Client testimonials There’s nothing like hearing it from the horses mouth right? So why not use video to your advantage and create client testimonial films? Rather than just reading some text, your potential new clients can hear directly from your existing clients. This will help to build trust and adds a human element to your business that people can relate to. 5. FAQ’s If you’re inundated with the same questions about your product or service, a single film, or a series of short films, can quickly answer your customers questions. This is often ideal if you have a technical product or service that is easier to show then describe in a text based answer. Creating these kinds of videos means they can not only sit on your website but also creates content to share across social media, win win!