Environmental Policy

Efficient Use of Energy

Bruizer Ltd will respond to the national need to reduce CO2 emissions to combat global climate change. It will seek to minimise energy use in every area of its work, including transport, heating and lighting. It will continue to improve energy efficiency in all its buildings and to promote renewable energy development. All products used comply with the US Government’s Environment Protection Agency’s Energy Star specification. All products used are CE Marked and conform to European standards for EMC compliance.

Reduction of Transport Impacts

In order to reduce energy consumption and air pollution, Bruizer Ltd will seek to reduce its dependence on road transport, including journeys to work, business mileage and fleet operation. It will also seek to introduce the use of renewable and cleaner fuels, where possible.

Reduction of Water Use

Bruizer Ltd will minimise water consumption in all its buildings and on its land. It will seek to implement measures to reduce pollution entering waste water and to recycle water, wherever possible.

Minimisation of Waste

Bruizer Ltd will minimise its production of waste by avoiding purchase of materials which produce excessive waste and be ensuring re-use, repair and recycling. Bruizer Ltd will dispose of its waste in a safe and responsible way. Use of local authority facilities and waste management advice centres is normal working practice.

Reduction in Paper Consumption

Bruizer Ltd will minimise paper consumption and maximise the proportion from sustainable sources and recycled materials. It will maximise the proportion of waste paper diverted from landfill, using the most sustainable waste management option available (eg recycling or incineration with energy recovery). All customers are asked to recognise our commitment to recycling and accept used packaging, where appropriate, without compromising anti-static or anti-shock precautions.

Resource Efficient Information Technology

Bruizer Ltd will develop a sustainable approach towards future IS/IT investments and use. It will not only minimise waste of energy and materials in all aspects of use and replacement, but, also identify new roles for IS/IT which are effective in reducing transport and replacing paper systems.

Sustainable Purchasing Policy

In order to deliver services that minimise adverse environmental impact, Bruizer Ltd will operate purchasing practices in accordance with this policy. Opportunities will be sought for local sourcing to support local employment and reduce transport impact. Contractors and Freelancers will be encouraged to adopt an appropriate environmental policy.

Raising Awareness

Bruizer Ltd will ensure that all its staff are familiar with this policy and promote awareness of their own responsibilities towards the environment. Specific training in sustainability will be given to key staff in each department. Relevant aspects of this policy will be incorporated into Bruizer Ltd induction sessions and training events.

Measuring Progress

To fulfil its policy commitments, Bruizer Ltd will implement action plan on these ten principles. Progress will be measured annually and the results published.

Bruizer Ltd have achieved ISO 14001, which is our recognised system for environmental management to meet the requirement of the European Union Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

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