About Us


We’ve been behind the camera for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve grown into a cohesive team of the like-minded and talented and we still love what we do: crafting stories one frame at a time.


Bruizer are an expanding team of filmmakers, coordinators and creators, ready to tackle anything and everything. Kit, crew and creativity: we have everything in-house to bring your project to life. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves because we know that real people behind the camera brings out the best of those in front of it, time and again. And like our name, we pack a punch – filling sets with laughter and energy to power through projects and get the best results, every time.


We’ve worked across the spectrum of industries and have experience for any challenge. In all corners of the UK (and the world), wherever we set up is our studio, and we can guarantee the same quality, character and professionalism at every shoot. We work to foster long-term relationships with our clients and value them as extended members of the team. Working with us is a collaboration, through every stage of production to deliver on time and on budget with deliverables you’ll love.


We’ve got you covered – wherever, whenever, whatever you need. Bruizer can make it happen.


Latest technology and stalwart favourites, we invest in all our own kit which means we can react quickly, with full control of everything available to us. Our #1 rule is preparedness, but we understand things don’t always go as expected. Because we know our kit inside out, even when faced with surprises, we have ingenuity and experience that’ll never let you down.


Our in-house crew have a wealth of knowledge and experience that sets them apart. Qualified in drone flight, construction safety, and the highest levels of security cleared, we’re readied for any environment and any challenge. And as part of a close-knit team, we have continuity across every job, so you’ll always be greeted faces you know and who know your project.