Science Nights, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for Science Museum



Science Night is a regular event hosted by the Science Museum. Kids can spend the night adventuring through the empty galleries and sleep among some of the earliest planes and space shuttles which have been to the moon and back. We wanted to create a film that would capture some of the magic of this event.

How we achieved it

Wanting to create a sense of adventure to the unveiling of the museum after dark, we track alongside a young girl as she moves through the museum, allowing the audience to share her sense of discovery. Using slow edits and seamless transitions creates the sense of a constant, sprawling building alive with magic and intrigue, before cutting to faster edits in the second section to demonstrate the energy and excitement of the event itself.


Lightship Vessel Move

Lightship Vessel Move Harwich Haven Authority

The Perfect Shot

The Perfect Shot Bruizer

Drown out the Light

Drown out the Light Angelika Dusk


deadmau5 Nvidia


Lates Science Museum

Tell Her

Tell Her Rizzle Kicks

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