Tourism Film The Suffolk Coast - Perfectly Seasoned | Bruizer
Perfectly Seasoned, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for The Suffolk Coast



Travel videos have a huge amount of traffic, with over two thirds of travellers watching online tourism films when thinking of taking a trip. We created films to help attract tourists to the Suffolk coastline all year round.

How we achieved it

Our year long campaign involved producing a tourism video every three months themed by season. We created four films that are concise and shareable, each working to capitalise on the power of video to consolidate a strong sense of place in order to attract visitors to Suffolk, and using sound design to emphasise natural sounds. The films were shared with the hashtag #perfectlyseasoned.


The Perfect Shot

The Perfect Shot Bruizer


Beer Adnams

Chris Hoy Surprise

Chris Hoy Surprise The National Lottery

Edna’s Surprise

Edna’s Surprise The National Lottery

The Revolution Collection

The Revolution Collection Trikki

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