Light is Everything, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for Bowens



To help drive a campaign promoting the launch of Bowens’ new XMS Flash range, we produced a series of ‘how to’ product films to demonstrate the new lighting’s ability to ‘freeze’ motion both in the studio and on location.

How we achieved it

We worked with photographer Steve Brown to set up two photoshoots, one in the studio and one on location, where we filmed in a ‘behind the scenes’ style to create a fresh, engaging format for the films. The film demonstrates the lighting in action on a real life shoot as well as the final polished images. Steve’s expertise delivers the perfect amount of information to get photographers excited about the product.


A Dad’s Surprise

A Dad’s Surprise GSK


GlassVAC Bosch

Open Brewery Night

Open Brewery Night Greene King

Master Craftsman

Master Craftsman Luxmoore & Co

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Light is Everything