International Inspiration

UK Sport

International Inspiration, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for UK Sport

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UK Sport

Film Name:

International Inspiration

About the client:

Directing the development of sport in the country since 1997, UK Sport has taken Great Britain from 36th in the Olympic medal table at Atlanta in 1996, to third in London 2012.

Film type:

Promotional Film


As part of the bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, London 2012 made a promise to inspire young people around the world through sport as part of the Olympic Legacy, and it was Bruizer’s job to document the impact of the International Inspiration project around the world.

How we achieved it:

Bruizer travelled across the UK and the world to capture the project in progress, filming life-saving swimming lessons in Bangladesh and football being brought to kids in Jordan, conveying the global impact of a trail-blazing sporting and social legacy initiative endorsed by David Beckham and Seb Coe. Bruizer produced multiple edits to showcase different branches of the project, and one was even broadcast during the warm up to the 2012 Opening Ceremony.

Bruizer. Stay ahead.


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