The Great Outdoors, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for Bury St Edmunds & Beyond



Create a tourism film for Bury St Edmunds and the surrounding Wool towns to encourage visitors throughout the year.

How we achieved it

Wanting to feature the great outdoors, food and culture that can be found in the area we filmed at many locations across the region to capture key moments. We also filmed real people at a number of venues and visitor attractions to add a more personable feel to the film. Finished with on screen text, sound design and a beautiful aerial sunset shot, the film has been a success in showcasing Bury and the surrounding towns.


Robotic Mythbusters

Robotic Mythbusters Bosch

Lightship Vessel Move

Lightship Vessel Move Harwich Haven Authority

A Dad’s Surprise

A Dad’s Surprise GSK

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