Endless Possibilities

Omega Ingredients

Endless Possibilities, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for Omega Ingredients

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Omega Ingredients

Film Name:

Endless Possibilities

About the client:

Renowned worldwide for delivering innovative, cutting-edge biochemistry through the use of all-natural materials, Omega Ingredients are award winning creators of natural flavours, fragrances and ingredients. They provide flavours to the major players in the food and drinks industry internationally, which includes blue chip companies and some of the fastest growing young ventures in the food and drink sector.

Film type:

Brand Film


Create a film that represents the brand, the people who work for Omega, and the company’s ethos.

How we achieved it:

To create a personal film that is focussed around the people who work at the company, we hear from key members of the team and captured ‘hero’ shots for each which create a key focus point in the film.

Utilising short term timelapse and slow motion, we filmed in and around Omega’s head office. We captured the team members ‘hero’ shots, office life and the manufacturing side of the business to create a memorable and authentic brand film for Omega to introduce themeselves to potential new clients..

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