Adnams - Brand Film | Bruizer
Beer, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for Adnams



Adnams were looking for a film to introduce their brand to a wider audience.

How we achieved it

Condensing everything this versatile brewery does into two minutes wasn’t easy. But with Adnams’ historical buildings, beautiful seaside setting, and everything the business sells produced on site, the concept of the film was simple: all filming would take place on location in Southwold. For the voiceover we enlisted the help of a Suffolk radio presenter to add a bit of local flavour to the voice of Adnams. Concise and bold, like their brand, the resulting film speaks to customers and exporters alike.


The Perfect Shot

The Perfect Shot Bruizer

Perfectly Seasoned

Perfectly Seasoned The Suffolk Coast

Chris Hoy Surprise

Chris Hoy Surprise The National Lottery

Edna’s Surprise

Edna’s Surprise The National Lottery

The Revolution Collection

The Revolution Collection Trikki

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