BARS, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for Sonny Green



In Sonny’s own words, ‘The track is about my bars being undeniable and that I’m here and free to do and say what I like and nothing or no one’s going to stop me’, so we felt the visuals needed to centre around the rapper himself.

How we achieved it

We collaborated with talented director Simon Blake on the music promo, which keeps Sonny constantly in view, focusing on his face and using several visual effects to emphasise its expressiveness as he raps.


Lightship Vessel Move

Lightship Vessel Move Harwich Haven Authority

The Perfect Shot

The Perfect Shot Bruizer

Drown out the Light

Drown out the Light Angelika Dusk


deadmau5 Nvidia

Science Nights

Science Nights Science Museum


Lates Science Museum

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