Barra & Canna

Scottish Natural Heritage

Barra & Canna, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for Scottish Natural Heritage

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Scottish Natural Heritage

Film Name:

Barra & Canna

About the client:

‘All of nature for all of Scotland’

Film type:

Interactive 3D Animation


Sounds of Barra and Canna in the Outer Hebrides are home to a spectacular range of wildlife and habitats, and Scottish Natural Heritage wanted to give people the opportunity to dive beneath the waves and witness these rich habitats online.

How we achieved it:

We created an interactive underwater virtual tour with 3D animation for each of the Sounds. Both tours contain multiple dives, and we designed and built a website to host the films on an interactive map. Aerial footage of the islands and coastlines and a voiceover added context to the dives and provided information about the wildlife spotted in each animation. The animated virtual reality is both an educational resource, and helps SNH to promote the area for nature-based tourism and conservation. The dives can be seen here and here.

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