About HHA

Harwich Haven Authority

About HHA, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for Harwich Haven Authority

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Harwich Haven Authority

Film Name:

About HHA

About the client:

The Harwich Haven is a place of international importance, a vital economic gateway which the Harwich Haven Authority has been protecting for over 150 years.

Film type:

Brand Film


Harwich Haven is absolutely vital to the UK’s prosperity, and the Authority in turn plays a crucial role in keeping it running, yet very few of the general public realise what they do. As part of a rebrand and new website launch, they commissioned a series of films to help communicate the HHA’s role more clearly to the public.

How we achieved it:

Bruizer approached the project as a series of films; one overarching ‘brand’ film, which takes a stunning, cinematic look at the activity in the Harwich Haven with a bold voiceover narrating the story of what they do, and a range of department-specific films, each of which discovers a different aspect of the Authority’s work through those who know it best – their employees.

Explore the new HHA website and view the rest of the films here.

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