Open University - 360 Religious Heritage | Bruizer
360° Religious Heritage, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for Open University



The Open University wanted to produce a range of learning resources about seven of London’s principal religious buildings. We worked with them on a 360° video concept, which would allow viewers to explore the buildings whilst learning about their history.

How we achieved it

We interviewed someone knowledgeable from the organisation in order to produce the voiceover which provides the information, whilst the viewer has time to explore each relevant room. To film we built a roving rig for the 360° camera for horizontal tracking shots, and used our motorised Ditto slider for the vertical ones. We then built an interactive wrapper for the website, which allows the viewer to explore each building. Watch a cutdown edit of the seven films above, and view the full films here.


Where Literature Lives

Where Literature Lives UEA

Digitising & Restoration

Digitising & Restoration Imperial War Museum

International Inspiration

International Inspiration UK Sport

Barra & Canna

Barra & Canna Scottish Natural Heritage

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