You may know us for our awesome brand films, infographic animations, putting a pig in space or that truck jump, but did you know we also do loads more…



With only one chance to film or live stream your event, you want to get it right. We’ve filmed and streamed events around the world and even produced edits the same day! You’ll be in safe hands with Bruizer.


An awesome track needs an equally powerful video. From Suffolk’s finest, Ed Sheeran, to the dramatic darkness of Cradle of Filth, the Bruizer crew can create an eye-catching music video.


Want to make an impact and have that ‘wow’ factor? Then an eye-catching stunt is the only way to go. Whatever you want to do, we can make it happen, so let your imagination run wild!


With a green screen studio located at Bruizer HQ, we can take your viewers wherever you want them to go! Want them to see your product at the top of a mountain or speak to them from the top of a skyscraper? Let Bruizer work their magic!


What is motion capture? If you ask Wikipedia it says “Motion Capture (Mo-cap for short) is the process of recording the movement of objects or people” so kind of like filming? No, not quite… Basically it’s those funny suits with dots all over them that we turn into an animation! >>>


Timelapse is the ideal technique for creating stunning footage of slow-moving action sequences. For longer term projects this can be edited to create an entire film, whereas our short term timelapse can be used to enhance a film by adding pace, or a beautifully dramatic new perspective. >>>


2D or not 2D? That is the question! Our animation production team have created everything motion graphics related, from programme titles for broadcast television, to full length animated cinema commercials and everything in between. >>>


Despite marketing becoming more and more dominated by digital media, TV and cinema remains one of the most effective methods of advertising. From concept to completion, Bruizer offers a full range of services to get your ad on air and on the big screen. >>>


With video set to become even more popular online, creating and sharing unique video content across social media has never been more important to reach your audience and snap up new business. >>>


Including aerial footage in your film is now easier and more affordable than ever before. Using the very latest in aerial and photographic equipment, Bruizer can add a unique view to uplift your video. >>>


Our crew not only consists of talented film makers, but also photographers. Whether you need product shots or photography to run alongside a video marketing campaign, we have the expertise and equipment to help. >>>


360° video can immerse the viewer in a time, location or event, and watching becomes an interactive experience as the audience controls their viewpoint. It puts the viewer at the heart of the action. >>>


We’ve all seen the classic ‘watermelon exploding in slow motion’, and of course we are only too happy to blow up fruit on camera! However, high speed filming is a serious contender as a modern filming technique, and when used well, the results are stunning. >>>


Operating out of an old fire station at an ex-RAF base means we are uniquely based to film both large and small projects right here in our studio. Our crew are experienced in building unique sets, so no idea is too big or too small! >>>


They say never work with animals or children, but we’ve done both and created engaging films for the education sector. Whether it’s the life of a frog or how rollercoasters work, we have the experience to create memorable and educating films.


Brand films enable you to capture the essence, character and mood of your company in a film that will elicit an honest and emotional response from your audience. >>>


Internal communications doesn’t have to be boring. Whatever it is you want to say, Bruizer will produce a corporate video that engages with your workforce and communicates your message clearly. >>>


Can’t find that photo? Or that video clip you want to Instagram? As the amount of video and photographic content you have continues to grow, we can both create and manage this library of content for you. With an online management system you can find exactly what you’re after!