Timelapse photography of construction is a popular way to document the process of a building being constructed. No matter how long the planned construction will take, we can leave the cameras clicking away, and offer weekly or monthly update films on how the build is going.

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Construction Timelapse Filming

One of the most effective video content options for construction and engineering industries is long term timelapse films, documenting the progress of a building project in order to bring to life months of construction in a matter of minutes. And it’s not just structures going up – inside fit outs or refits can be just as effective.

Experienced on Site

Our specialist timelapse experts will recce your site and liaise with your project managers to find out the best spots to mount the cameras, then once they’ve set up and tested the cameras, we regularly monitor them remotely. They have all the training and equipment to meet health and safety requirements on construction sites, and are extremely well versed when it comes to rigging the cameras both safely, and out of the way. Our solar powered long term timelapse systems and long lasting batteries minimises the number of site visits required, but we will also carry out monitoring visits where necessary, which also allows us to relocate the cameras to capture particular stages of interest throughout the project to make the most of your edit.

No Matter How Long Term

The high quality stills cameras safely stowed in our timelapse housing mean the images produced will always be high resolution, and the finished product top quality. If your project is a long one, covering multiple months, we also provide regular ‘update’ films on the building’s progress, which can be targeted towards internal comms, PR, or for social media use.

Construction Timelapse, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for UBS