Kit & Crew

Kit and Crew Filming Services

At Bruizer we own an incredible array of kit, plus the great crews who know how to use it. We have a massive variety of cameras which range from the groundbreaking Arri Alexa XT which has shot so many of the films we see in the cinema, right down to the latest model of GoPro which can be used in all kinds of ways to get shots difficult to capture with bigger cameras.

Our Kit

We have a range of sliders and stabilising systems which cater to smaller cameras such as the Sony FS7 as well as our Alexa, including our 27ft crane; then there’s our drone department which fly your cameras even higher. Cameras, grip, lighting – with a kit room as bursting at the seams as ours, you’ll be hard pushed to find much we don’t have, but if you do, we promise your dedicated  account manager will source it for you!

Our Crew

We have an experienced in house camera team, and a strong network of trusted freelancers in camera, lighting and grip departments. Our own highly talented director of photography has won awards for a range of shorts and full length feature films, and brings a well trained eye and cinematic perspective to even the smallest shoots.

All Your Film Needs

Whether it means taking to the skies, filming underwater, or battling with difficult conditions, our crews have been there and relished the challenge. They will always go the extra mile to get that perfect shot, bringing a winning combination of enthusiasm, professionalism and skill to every shoot.