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Product Films, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for Adnams

Product Film Production

Product films are a great way to market specific products or product ranges, through demonstrating aspects of your products that are not always easily communicated through still photographs. This could mean shooting the products in our studio with stunning lighting and beautiful camera moves to show off the design in motion, or demonstrating what it does and how it actually works.

The Perfect Balance

A range of product films can often be produced very efficiently, by developing a consistent visual style across all films, and carefully planning in the pre-production stages to allow us to shoot several products in a single day. The golden rule in product films is to keep them short and sweet – a concise film which doesn’t go too deep into the detail, but focuses on making your product look great and generating interest in it.

From Start to Finish

We can also help you with webpage design, to make the your video look as good as possible on your product pages, and with optimisation of your video to help make those pages more discoverable by online search engines.