What is motion capture? If you ask Wikipedia it says “Motion Capture (Mo-cap for short) is the process of recording the movement of objects of people.” (so kind of like filming?) No. “It is used in military, entertainment, sports, medical applications and for validation of computer vision and robotics.”

Basically its those funny suits with dots all over them. We can capture the exact movements of whatever we film, making animation look more life-like than ever!

Tell us all about your project. If it’s too much to write, we’re happy to talk, meet up, exchange emails - whatever works for you!

Motion Capture Animation

Both our camera crews and animation team are experienced creating digital character models for gaming, film and TV using advanced motion capture techniques. With the most up to date technology in mocap monitoring systems, and in animation software and techniques, we can help bring any vision to life.

Flexible and Professional Team

Filming at Leavesden Studios, home of Harry Potter, we’ve worked on some of the highest volume mocap shoots to have ever taken place, but depending on your requirements, we can produce your content in a purpose built motion capture studio, or on location with a mobile rig. We’re used to all kinds of unusual set ups, even involving animals such as horses and dogs. After the shoot, your data will be kept securely and data cleanup is carried out quickly and efficiently.

Full Service Motion Capture

We can get involved in the pre-production and shoot stage, or the animation stage, or both. Our highly skilled post-production team have created both highly realistic and stylised animation content from motion capture footage, with a range of expertise in modelling, texturing and compositing. Our creative team can also work with you to develop concepts for animated cinema or TV commercials, as well as putting them in production.

Motion Capture