Our 2D animators have created many types of productions, we would love to work with you on designing, illustrating and animating your subject, using todays technologies to bring it to life!

Tell us all about your project. If it’s too much to write, we’re happy to talk, meet up, exchange emails - whatever works for you!

2D Animation

Even if in the mainstream film industry, 3D has pretty much taken over, 2D animation still just as important and effective a technique for storytelling in brand films, promos and TV ads, and is often a much more affordable option. 2D animation is a hugely versatile medium when it comes to communicating your message, and you are much less limited by budget in comparison to film, when considering what you are able to show.

How We Animate

We collaborate with top graphic designers, who work in a huge range of styles, which can be easily manipulated and developed to produce designs which work within your brand. After this first step, we storyboard the whole animated film out in the agreed style for you to approve, before moving onto the animation stage. Our highly creative in house animators are constantly exploring new styles and techniques in the world of animation, and have a strong awareness of popular animation trends within video production and try to set a few of our own, so we can ensure that your production always looks fresh and up to date.

2D Animation, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for Bruizer