We have amazing in-house drones and talented pilots to capture stunning footage from the skies.

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Drone Filming Services

What we can capture from the air on film gives us views we can’t usually see, and for that reason the bird’s eye view perspective always catches our attention in video content. Recent UAV technology has not only made aerial filming cheaper and easier, but has also given it far greater flexibility and versatility in terms of the shots that can be obtained.

Top of the Range Drones

At Bruizer we work with a range of drones that carry broadcast quality cameras, even including our top of the range Arri Alexa with incredible levels of stabilisation. Even our lightest and most versatile drone produces 4K video content, and our experienced pilots and drone camera operators have the skill to capture shots with stunning artistic as well as technical quality. With all the correct licensing, insurance and experience in obtaining flight permissions, Bruizer’s drone filming process goes is smooth and efficient, taking your production to the skies with ease!

Drone Filming, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for Bruizer