360 animation allows you the flexibility to create whatever environment you want, and gives your audience the ability to interact with this environment, so the possibilities of what we can create are endless.

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360 Degree Animation Production

Just because virtual reality has ‘real’ in it’s name doesn’t mean it has to be realistic! 3D animation can be used to create 360 VR environments as effectively as 360 video can, and with 360 degree animation you are unlimited in terms of the virtual environment you can create – it’s not restricted to what can be filmed with a 360 camera rig. It’s even possible to transfer 2D animation into a 3D environment for quirkier effects.

What 360 Degree Animation Can Do

360 degree animation has a range of applications, from interactive storytelling, though to technically accurate pre-construction walk throughs of architectural designs, or nature documentary-style films. For example, we created a 360 and 3D animated virtual underwater tour for Scottish Natural Heritage, which allowed the viewer to get up close and personal with all kinds of wildlife without cameramen spending days searching for the animals or waiting to capture the shots needed.

Meticulous About Quality

As with any of our animation services, we follow a highly efficient, streamlined process of scripting and storyboarding, followed by a series of draft renders, before the final animation is produced. This continually ensures that your requirements are met at each stage of the process.