360º VIDEO

360º VIDEO, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for Bruizer


Ever since YouTube and Facebook have started to support 360 degree videos, marketers and film makers have been getting to grips
with how to use this technique in video marketing campaigns. 360 degree video can immerse the viewer in a time, location or event, and watching becomes an interactive experience as the audience controls their viewpoint. It puts the audience at the heart of the action.

People see a different story depending on where they ‘look’, so the experience of watching a video is suddenly more individual to each viewer than it has ever been before. Like all new technologies, however, there is a wide range of quality being delivered for this latest trend. We were determined to conquer this technique, and have combined the best 360 camera kit with state of the art software to produce the best results.


Not sure which 360 film or photography option is right for you? Try our guide, to find out which 360 techniques would be best suited to your project.

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