360° video can immerse the viewer in a time, location or event, and watching becomes an interactive experience as the audience controls their viewpoint. It puts the viewer at the heart of the action.


The hook of 360° is that people see a different story depending on where they ‘look’, so the experience of watching a video is suddenly more individual to each viewer than it has ever been before. This technique is especially ideal for proving the viewer with a tour of a location or event.


Like all new technologies there is a wide range of quality being delivered for this growing trend. We always want to be at the forefront of new technology and have combined the best 360° camera kit with state of the art software to produce the amazing results. No matter if you’re looking for 360° video or 360° photography, we have the know-how to get you amazing results.


360° animation allows you the flexibility to create whatever environment you want. It has a range of applications, from interactive storytelling, though to technically accurate pre-construction walk throughs of architectural designs, or nature documentary-style films. We have even created a 360° underwater animated world which allowed the viewer to get up close and personal with all kinds of wildlife.

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