October 14, 2016

Bruizer can manage all your video upload needs, but if you are managing your YouTube channel yourself, here are our top tips for getting the best out of your YouTube videos:



Start off by arming yourself with your film in either mp4 or mov format – there is very little difference between the two (we prefer mov, but a quick google will show you opinion varies greatly!), but the resolution should be a minimum of 720p, and ideally 1080p. Now for the more technical stuff: use the H.264 Quicktime codec, and hit it with a high bit rate somewhere between 20 and 30 – for us the sweet spot is 22! This means the file will be less compressed, therefore retaining more quality when YouTube adds its own compression.


2. SEO

Aka ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. Since YouTube was taken on by Google in 2006, everyone’s favourite search engine favours YouTube for video content – you’ll probably have noticed that Google often ranks YouTube videos first on a search, and good video SEO means you and your films are more likely to be found not just on YouTube, but on Google too.


  • Good video title and description: decide on the keywords your audience would use to find your video and make sure they’re in both – keep the title short and sweet, but you can really go to town on the description. Where relevant, use video keywords such as ‘How to’, ‘Tutorial’, or ‘Review’, (and let us not forget ‘Cute Cats’!) to help you rank in Google.


  • Keyword rich playlists – keep your films organised in playlists, so it’s easier for people to navigate your channel and find what they are looking for. Using more keywords when you name your playlists will help viewers find your films and channel too.



  • Tags – keywords for days! Add the same keywords from your title and description, and as many more as you can think of, as tags. This gives an extra SEO boost to your video, and you can add set to your default upload settings that are relevant to your channel.



  • Always, always cross-post your videos on social media and your website – embed from YouTube if you can on your website rather than using a separate player, so every view from your website gets clocked by Google. Link your YouTube channel back to your website and other social media channels too.



  • If you’re regularly producing content, encourage people to subscribe to your channel. Number of subscribers is a massive pull for YouTube rankings, so add the call to action in your video and channel descriptions, and with annotations – there’s a fine balance between being encouraging and irritating though when it comes to annotations, so keep them subtle!




Now that over half of YouTube views are being clocked on mobile devices, make sure your video is compatible with little screens. In other words, no tiny text!



Think of this as the poster advertising your film, just as important as your title for making people click – try to pick and upload your own rather than using one of YouTube’s selections, even if it’s still just a screen shot from the video. And even when using a desktop browser, these can appear quite small, so if you add text or logos which lots of users are now doing, make sure they’re big enough to read easily.



This could easily be a whole other blogpost, or ten – but it’s almost impossible to prescribe ‘golden rules’ about content. It sounds obvious, but always remember to make something that people will be interested in seeing – YouTube is as much about building fans as building your brand. The question of length often comes up – we often advise 2min – 2min30 as an optimum length for the type of films we produce (our motto is two minutes that feel like three, or three minutes that feel like two), but really if your content is great, then you can often justify a longer film because people will watch to the end – take RedLetterMedia, whose epic 90 minute long Star Wars reviews have millions of views!

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