Use Video To Grow Your Franchises

March 22, 2018

Use Video To Grow Your Franchises

People do business with people they trust. But how can you communicate that you are a trustworthy business worth investing in?

We have never lived in such a visual world as we do right now. The days of people reading lengthy documents to obtain information are quickly disappearing; they want relevant information when they want it. Potential franchisees are looking around at the opportunities available to them, so make sure you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons. Be informative and accessible. Ensure that basic information they may be looking for is easy to engage with.

Let’s be honest, in today’s digital age, no one wants to be forced into reading pages and pages of text (we’ll try to keep this short then) or clicking through a boring slide show. Video can communicate key information about your business in an engaging, informative and memorable way that traditional written content cannot.

We recently worked with nationwide dessert restaurant, Kaspa’s, who wanted a better way to advertise their franchise opportunities. We proposed an upbeat and modern film which shows off the brand, communicates key information and includes interviews with current franchisees to build trust with the viewer.


Bold colours, on-screen graphics and an upbeat soundtrack all work together to maintain pace and keep the viewer engaged whilst communicating the initial information about becoming a franchise owner. They key to the success of the video was to introduce the company, whet the appetite of anyone thinking about becoming a franchisee and leave them wanting to find out more.

If you are thinking about using video to increase your number of franchises, there are some key questions to consider:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is the key messaging you want to communicate?
  • Could animation work better for you?
  • Do you have suitable interviewees?
  • Where is the film going to be seen?
  • How do you want people to feel about your brand?
  • How can you stand out and be the one people want to work with?

Put yourself in a potential franchise owner’s shoes. Do you easily provide them with the information they are looking for? Is it engaging? Do you yourself want to watch/read it?

Bad content could be harming your business without you even knowing. Don’t put people off before you’ve even had the chance to speak to them!

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