Top Tips: Working from Home

April 15, 2020

Top Tips: Working from Home

It’s inevitable that working from home is going to feel different. Finding a healthy balance between keeping in touch with the team, getting work done (queue pet, child, Netflix, food and noisy neighbour distractions) and actually ‘clocking off’ at the end of the working day whilst still being at home, is going to be challenging. Check out our top tips to stay sane whilst working from home…


Create a Playlist

Studies have found that listening to music whilst working can help productivity. Music can affect your mood and energy levels helping you concentrate and get more done. They say calming, chill out music is best to have on in the background, but we say, listen to whatever works for you!


Get Some Fresh Air

Clear blue sky outside? It doesn’t happen too often here in the UK, so take advantage! Use your lunchtime to get out and go for a walk, jog or cycle. Maintain that 2 metre social distancing of course!


Take a Break

Working from home can have its benefits. Forgot to put that washing load on this morning? Take 5 mins and just go do it! A quick vacuum, unloading the dishwasher and emptying the bin are all small jobs you can do when you need a 5 minute break from your desk. Your home will never look so clean and tidy!


Create a New Routine

Humans are creatures of habit. Your usual routine may have typically consisted of get up, shower, walk the dog, have breakfast, drive to work, make tea and check emails. Working from home may have turned that routine on its head, but just create a new one that works for you. Establish a new routine and a structure to your day that you can stick to. It will make a world of difference!


Early Bird?

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Working from home means you’re suddenly not constrained to working the usual 9-5. If you know you’re more productive at 7am than at 4pm, why not start your day earlier and start cracking through that to-do list first thing?!


Create a Workspace

If you’ve never worked from home before, you may find it useful to create a dedicated ‘work’ area. Somewhere you know you can walk away from at the end of the working day and go ‘home’ just as you would when leaving the office. This will also help to create a divide between work and home-life, which has suddenly merged for many of us!


The Rule of 3

A productivity method, Rule of 3, aims to focus your attention on just 3 things. If you have a never ending to-do list that is adding unnecessary stress to your day and you don’t know where to start, choose just 3 things to do that day. Don’t worry about starting anything else, only focus on those 3 things and get them ticked off once and for all.


Get Comfy

Some say you should still get dressed as though you’re going to work when remote working. But do you really want to wear ‘work’ attire all day at home? No, neither do we. If we had a choice we’d wear sweat pants or pjs to the office. Well, now you do have a choice… here’s to embracing the comfy!