December 7, 2016


Colour is an important element in any film or video. It can have a technical impact (it’s important to ensure colour balance is correct in any film) but also a creative one – this is where ‘colour grading’ comes in.


Firstly, colour grading has the potential to elevate a good image to great, or a great image to outstanding. But colour is also something that we respond to psychologically, it’s a massive part of how we visibly perceive our reality and, as such, just like lighting, colour can evoke emotion and strongly effect a mood or feeling on film. This is in part subjective – as an individual viewer we see an image on screen that makes us feel calm, unsettled, disturbed, excited, and so on. As filmmakers, we can manipulate these reactions in several different ways: by associating particular colours with certain characters or moods, through shifts in the colour scheme, or by using bursts of colour that don’t fit the scheme. And so it becomes an important tool for storytelling in film.


At Bruizer, we shoot all our footage ‘flat’ to allow for more flexibility when it comes to grading, and we grade as a standard part of our production process. Colour grading is an art form in itself, and one in which our editors are highly skilled. So what does it look like?




As a business, colour grading can also be an important part of building your image through film, to help shape the footage into a particular ‘look’ that suits your brand. This can be applied across all of your video content, giving a professional finish, and adding a huge amount of production value.




If you want to know more, or talk to us about this important, creative stage of the post-production process, please get in touch.

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