The Art of the Bruizer Interview

August 2, 2017

The Art of the Bruizer Interview

Talking head interviews can be a powerful way of delivering information. They not only engage the viewer, they can deliver trusted voices that are invaluable to the business making the film.

Bruizer has created thousands of talking head interviews for corporate videos, social media promotions and broadcasters like the BBC.

We understand what it takes to achieve compelling results.


Scrap the script and relax

We start with a firm idea of the information that our clients want to communicate, but we never ask interviewees to read a script. We let people talk naturally while we focus on asking questions that will deliver the most engaging response.

Putting interviewees at ease is crucial when they’re faced with a room full of strangers with weird-looking kit.

Often, we start by letting people talk freely so that we can identify the things that they’re passionate about. Everyone’s happy talking about things they love.

When Bruizer was making a film for a large investment bank, it seemed like a very a dry subject. The film became interesting because we started asking the team how they worked together. Suddenly, it was about their personal working lives and that’s what brought the film to life.

and don’t forget the voice-over

Often, once an interviewee has been introduced, they can talk for quite a while without being on screen. In this way, talking heads can become voice-overs for scene setting and cutaway shots.

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