February 2, 2015


Bruizer were delighted by the recent news that feature film STILL, shot by our Director of Photography Andy Parsons and directed by longtime Bruizer collaborator Simon Blake, has got US, UK and European distribution, all confirmed in the space of a week.

STILL is ‘a gritty and atmospheric thriller about the traumatic disintegration of a man and father, starring the devastating Aidan Gillen. Set in London, STILL is a haunting, deeply moving disturbing film about the journey which, as a parent, we hope we will never have to make.’

The production made the official selections at both Chicago and the Bahamas 2014 international film festivals, and won Best International First Feature at the 26th Galway Film Fleadh. Palm Beach, Cleveland and Tiburon International Film Festivals have also all selected STILL to screen at their 2015 festivals.

In Chicago, they said this: ‘STILL is one of the most assured pieces of filmmaking I’ve seen in quite some time. Blake really knows how to use his widescreen canvas, effectively framing characters through objects in the foreground or making use of the sparseness and decay of buildings to memorable effect. … Keep an eye on this film maker as STILL promises great things ahead.’ The Chicagoist

The film will premiere in the UK in May, with special screenings booked in at The Tricycle in Kilburn and the Clapham Picturehouse. Find out more about this painfully hard-hitting new drama, and where it’s going to be shown here, and we hope you can make it to one of the upcoming screenings.