April 11, 2017

SMARTLY CRAFTED, a video by Bruizer Video & Film Agency for Smart Garden Offices

Never mistake a Smart Garden Office for a shed. They’re wooden, and they go in your garden – but each of their four ranges is beautifully and painstakingly designed. Founder Charlie retrained as a carpenter before designing their first range of garden offices, and patented his smart interlocking construction method which allows them to be wired, insulated and installed with the ease his customers wanted. Customer care is always a top priority for the team, as is the love and craftsmanship which goes into building each office – all are made to order. The term ‘shedworking’ is applauded, but the word ‘shed’ is definitely not!

When Bruizer were approached by Smart Garden Offices, these were the elements of the company which made us fall in love with their perfect little boxes of extra space, and which we thought it was important to communicate through film. Showing the skill and care of the work in their Suffolk-based mill and factory was crucial, as was getting the customer perspective on the service Smart offers. A ‘teaser’ video from our shoot at the factory; a main brand film, which incorporated shots from the factory and of different Smarts in situ; plus a range of short, digestible customer testimonial films, each focusing on a different range, would allow Smart to distribute video content throughout the year.

Each film tells a different facet of the Smart Garden story. The factory film brings an emotive touch, focusing on the hard work in the factory, the skill and character of the craftsmen creating each Garden Office from scratch. The brand film has a sunnier, more upbeat feel, cutting some of the factory footage against the finished product, showing just a few of the potential uses for these spaces. Finally the customer testimonials combine real life Smart Garden-owner experiences with graphics to introduce the details specific to each range. Like Smart Garden Offices themselves, the films were all about simple concepts done well. Smart were able to use each of them for different seasonal marketing pushes, gradually drip-feeding the content to their online audience throughout the year.