Say Yes to the Dress

July 12, 2018

As the largest bridal retailer in the UK, WED2B knew it was time to say yes to TV advertising.

With 30 second advertising slots booked throughout June during shows such as Say Yes to the Dress, the challenge was on to create a TV commercial and get it cleared for broadcast in a matter of weeks.



Wanting to reach the modern bride, Bruizer created an ad which included social media as a key part of the story. With women up and down the country announcing their engagement online, we wanted to capture that excitement which inevi­tably leads to dress shopping with friends and family.

When a quick turnaround is needed, it can be easy to miss something simple. Storyboarding is a key part of any project, but even more important when the job needs to be planned, filmed and edited in a short amount of time. To ensure filming went without a hitch, and to aid in reducing the amount of time spent editing, WED2B’s TV commercial was fully storyboarded and signed off before production began.



With the story set it was time to start planning a wedding! Our production team quickly got to work casting three brides and their entourages, sourcing props, scouting filming locations, and ensuring the ad adheres to the broadcasting code for TV by going through the Clearcast process.

Thankfully as production began on location, our crew weren’t left standing at the alter as all three of our beautiful bride’s-to-be turned up ready to find their perfect wedding dress!





As well as filming the TV commercial, several clips were also filmed at the same time to create content for WED2B’s social channels. Designed to sit alongside the campaign, these short clips were ideal to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show just a few of the wedding dresses, and bridesmaid dresses, available at WED2B. This extra content provides added value and aids in creating even more content for the campaign.


Take a look at the film below for a look behind the scenes of WED2B’s first TV commercial…


The commercial has proved successful and reached new brides-to-be who may not have been aware of WED2B. Their website saw an increase in traffic immediately after each broadcast of the TV commercial and the social media posts also proved popular with high engagement on each post.


Now you’ve had an insight into the filming, check out the final TV commercial below…

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