Revamp your (Social) Video Marketing

October 5, 2018

Revamp your (Social) Video Marketing

Creating content to share across your social media channels can be challenging, yes, even for us! But with video set to be even more prominent in 2019, there has never been a better time to start creating videos specifically for social media.


So, what type of films could be created for your business that would generate those all-important Facebook, Twitter and Instagram views, likes and shares?


Advertise an event

If you have an event coming up and plan to hold it again in the future, be sure to capture some footage! Although not a quick payoff, you’ll thank yourself when the time comes to promote the event in the future. Instead of scrambling around and wondering what you can post, you’ll have a few videos to share in the lead up to the next event.



If you have a new product launching, a store opening or an announcement to make for example, a quick teaser video or two makes perfect content to share. It will build anticipation and engage your audience before the actual event. You are also generating more content for your social audience to engage with from the one event, win win!



New product launch

Adding a new product to your offering? Utilise video to show it off! Whether it’s a piece of jewellery, a dessert or even a new service, sometimes only a video can really kick that new product into your audience’s world.



How it’s made

You can’t deny that there is something fascinating about watching a ‘how it’s made’ video. Whether it’s cake batter turning into a beautifully decorated 3 tier masterpiece, or a new building being built from the ground up. This type of video can be as simple as a timelapse kit capturing all the action or a longer form film with interviews.


‘Tis the Season

If you have a business that benefits, or perhaps suffers, during peak holiday seasons, why not create a video that engages your already attentive audience, and, gets the attention of the wandering eye of people who may go elsewhere.

Creating a seasonal film gives you the opportunity to have a little fun and perhaps breakaway from your usual marketing activities!


Social videos don’t have to be long or over complicated, so don’t be put off from creating bitesize pieces of video. In fact, shorter is better. The nation’s attention span is only 8 seconds, so you need to grab them quick!

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